Corporate / Post-Convention Planning

Corporate / Post-Convention Planning

The Syphon Group specializes in producing after-party events for convention organizers and exhibitors aiming to connect with their audience. The Syphon Group creates the unique opportunity for any organization to gain valuable face time with their prospective guests in an engaging environment that is highly conducive to business networking.

Whether an event is architected for a simple gathering to a Hollywood-style production, they are all devised to give your company optimal market activation, with custom programming tailored specifically towards your individual goals.

As a convention organizer or exhibitor, you have enough logistics to worry about – from securing keynote speakers, polishing presentation strategies, or planning for product exposure and monetization. The Syphon Group frees up your time, resources, and saves costs by providing your company turnkey solutions that start with strategy conceptualization and finishes with event actualization.

Save Money

Because organizers and exhibitors are not always familiar with the business geography of the local hospitality and entertainment industry, they are often overcharged for venue rentals, bar guarantees, cost of staff, printing materials, audio/visual equipment fees, etc

The Syphon Group works closely on a daily basis with every major local venue and merchant and is able to leverage the volume of those relationships to provide you with highly discounted wholesale savings. The final cost of our packages end up being fractions of what your company would otherwise pay if it were to organize the event in-house.

Our position as an industry insider allows us to sidestep financial mistakes commonly made by those unfamiliar with the trade by:

  • Knowing true operations costs for merchants and venues
  • Identifying off-peak business hours and seasons
  • Wholesale prices on all print, marketing, and promo items
  • Top-tier on supply chain for catering, electronics, etc
  • Familiar relationships with staff, entertainers, and celebrities
  • Eliminate outrageous markups leveled on unsuspecting buyers
  • Cost efficient production formula to save on billable man hours
  • Sponsorship money opportunities from luxury brands (if desired)

Save Time

If your organization is planning a function of importance, do not do it in-house. Producing a compelling event that connects your company with its audience is a complex and time laboring operation and should not disrupt your employees’ daily job responsibilities.

The Syphon Group offers the benefit of a professional organization that not only has far better financial relationships and knowledge of local businesses, but that also knows how to expertly conduct all matters of an event. By working closely with your representatives, our events accomplish all company goals while staying true to your vision.

You may employ us to handle some or all aspects of an event, including:

  • Selecting the appropriate venues and insurance
  • Creation and key placement of your marketing mechanisms
  • Tailoring DJs and musical selections to guests
  • Managing door and security for fast, safe, and courteous guest traffic
  • Creating invites and local information collaterals
  • Courting premium liquors and wines to sponsor open bars
  • Delivering freshest food and hors d’oeuvres
  • Providing A/V equipment for presentations
  • Securing entertainment and celebrity participation (if desired)
  • Providing photographers and videographers for post-event recaps
  • Plus much more based on your tailored needs and specifications


When we produce an event for your business, we give that business a competitive edge over industry rivals. Unlike the hectic exhibition floor, you do not compete for attendees’ attention. Your reps communicate, elaborate, and close deals at their own pace. Invited guests eat, drink, dance, and mingle within a controlled environment that is subtle, yet favorably branded to push your company’s interests through.

By deploying the latest marketing and promotional mechanisms, we ensure that all your branding are as new and exciting as they are effective. You may choose some, none, or all our suggestions, or bring your own collaterals to use.

Some of our activations include:

  • Animated multicolored gobos (light source logo projections)
  • Hollywood-style media walls and red carpet
  • Fog screens depicting your logo and message
  • Alluring promotional giveaways (cool swag-bags, awesome gift-bags)
  • Custom cutouts and foam boards
  • Interactive electronic media
  • Announcements by DJs, special performers, and/or celebrities
  • Engaging audio/visual presentation opportunities
  • And much more